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The firm

We are an innovative law firm that focuses on providing a collective solution for legal services and technology. Is your group looking for a program that will tangibly improve legal access for its members?


Access to justice, a key issue in Quebec

The legal needs of the population are not being met
Individuals represent themselves alone in civil courts

It is estimated that in North America 80% of the populations’ legal needs are not being met. Recent surveys indicate that, in Quebec alone, a similar proportion of citizens do not consider themselves in a position to pay for the services of a lawyer. According to the Quebec Minister of Justice, 55% of people represent themselves in civil court.

At Novum, we believe that improving legal access will not happen through cosmetic and temporary measures but by means of a new model that meets the practical and immediate needs of citizens.

Traditional legal services

We all know that employing the services of a lawyer is costly. When we consider that over a given period of three years two Canadians out of three will experience a legal problem requiring the services of a lawyer, it is no surprise there are concerns about stalling in the judicial system.

The Novum solution

Rely on the group effect

Why not look for a collective solution to this fundamentally democratic issue? We believe that working together is the only way we will be able to address the need for legal services. A need just waiting for a simple and sustainable solution: the group effect.

Novum democratizes access to the services of a lawyer at a cost that is incomparable to current available legal services. Your members can have access to a range of professional and personalized services for a very affordable annual fee.


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