A new way to access justice.

Novum provides comprehensive legal services to everyone in your organization.

Most Quebeckers believe they don’t have the means to access a lawyer. So, what if we changed that?
With innovative tech tools and a new range of accessible legal services, Novum responds to the question of how to access justice.
Our model is our innovation. A large number of subscribers pay a minimum accessible contribution, allowing each of them full support from a qualified, competent lawyer, depending on the package chosen.


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Substantial savings for subscribers, big benefits for businesses.

Everybody wins.

When you put Novum’s accessible legal services on the side of your members, you’re investing in their economic and mental health, which, in turn, has a positive long-term impact on your organization — all at a very low cost.


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Better than insurance.

Unlike insurance coverage you can use AFTER proceedings have begun, the Novum model encourages its subscribers to consult BEFORE a situation escalates and offers unlimited coverage until your case has closed.


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