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Me Bahaa Abou-Diab
438-375-4714 ext

Bahaa Abou-Diab holds a law degree from Université de Montréal and has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 2016.

Before joining the Novum Legal team, Mr. Abou-Diab first practiced in litigation related to criminal law, family law, and civil and commercial law, which allowed him to plead on diverse legal issues before various courts. He later had the opportunity to sharpen his knowledge in business law by joining a firm specializing in corporate and transactional law.

Throughout his career, Mr. Abou-Diab has developed diverse legal expertise, enabling him today to offer a full range of services to his clients.

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Me Olivier Aldama
438-375-4714 ext

Olivier Aldama handles a wide variety of files that include criminal law, human rights, labour and administrative law, family law, immigration law, housing law as well as access to health and social services (Court of Québec, Régie du logement, Municipal Court, Tribunal administratif du Québec, CNESST, CDPDJ, etc.).

In 2019, he was employed as research and liaison officer with the Special commission on the Rights of the Child and Youth Protection. From 2018 to 2020, he served as legal director at the Clinique Juridique du Mile-End.

Olivier sits on the board of directors of various community organizations as administrator, treasurer and secretary. Through his many commitments, he has acquired an understanding of the legal profession’s practical side while identifying the issues connected to access to justice, social entrepreneurship and support for vulnerable families.

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Emmanuel Bergé
Business development agent
438-375-4714 ext

Emmanuel Bergé completed a BA in Management of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) at l’Institut administratif et économique (IAE) in Poitiers, France.

He was manager of key accounts at Randstad for 10 years and went on to work as development manager at la Fédération française du bâtiment for 13 years. Thanks to this experience and his resourcefulness, organizational abilities and listening skills, Emmanuel is highly qualified in marketing and commerce. Always ready to meet professional and personal challenges (Family tour of Europe in 2015-2016). His taste for challenge and travel brought him to Montreal in 2018 and he joined the Novum Legal team in May, 2020.

He is proud to be contributing to Novum Legal’s development and to share its values of integrity, justice and leadership.

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Joëlle Boutros
438-375-4714 ext 6006

Joëlle Boutros joined the Novum team in September 2020 as a paralegal.

She first began her legal career as an Assistant in 2013. Wanting to expand her legal knowledge, she decided to continue her studies and graduated as a paralegal in 2018.

Dynamic, trilingual and with unparalleled customer service, she is proud to be the first contact for all legal consultation requests made by clients.

She also supports the team of lawyers regarding all legal research.

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Rachida Djemai
Legal Assistant
438-375-4714 ext

Rachida Djemai joined the Novum team in November 2020 as a Legal Assistant. Dynamic, professional, and always attentive to her colleagues, she believes that her job is quite simply her passion. Having acquired several years of experience in the legal field, she assists Lawyers in their daily tasks and efficiently manages and organizes their agendas. She also performs administrative tasks related to the proper functioning of the office.

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Alice Alex Dufour
438-375-4714 ext 6001

Alice Alex Dufour joined the Novum team in the fall of 2019 as an associate. Anticipation, efficiency, dedication, discretion, multitasking, organization and professionalism are her watchwords at work.

She works in close collaboration with Me Julien D. Pelletier and Me Marianne Routhier-Caron. Apart from her position as a paralegal and administrator, she is responsible for managing accounts payable and consequently ensures direct links with them. She also coordinates requests for legal consultation between clients and firm partners.

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Alexis Goudreau
Director of Business Development
438-375-4714 ext 6002

Alexis Goudreau, a business development specialist, received his first degree in sociology with a minor in public administration from the University of Ottawa. He also completed a number of courses in similar subjects at HEC Montréal. Mr. Goudreau worked as a political advisor at the federal level before launching into market development in advertising. During his six years with Cogeco Média, he proved himself to be highly skilled in marketing and acquiring new clients. Alexis is also very involved in his community, having served as an executive on the Comité national des jeunes du Parti Québécois and as an administrator with the Gatineau Table jeunesse. He is currently on the board of directors for the CIBL. In 2017, he was awarded the Cogeco Média Mention d’excellence for proudly upholding the company’s values: leadership, creativity, passion, diligence, and respect.

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Me Marianne Routhier-Caron
Lawyer, Director of Legal Services
438-375-4714 ext 6003

Me Marianne Routhier-Caron holds a bachelor’s degree in law and will soon complete a master in labour law at the Université du Québec à Montréal. She has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 2014. Before joining the team at Novum, Me Routhier-Caron practised in firms that worked in the areas of collective and individual labour relations as well as occupational health and safety. She has been called upon to litigate on numerous occasions before administrative tribunals and also before superior courts including the Quebec Court of Appeal. In addition, Routhier-Caron has built a practice in university administrative law. She is interested in representing individuals and vulnerable groups and currently sits as administrator on the board of directors for the Réseau d’entraide de Verdun.

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Me Giuseppe Sciortino
438-375-4714 ext

As a member of the Quebec Bar since 1975, Mr. Sciortino is fluent in several languages. He began his practice with Mr. Bernard Mergler, recognized as one of the top civil rights attorneys.

Prior to mastering labour law, Mr. Sciortino practiced penal and immigration law, representing refugees from countries across the Americas, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, while devoting his time to union and student association certifications, negotiations, arbitrations, and claims at the Canada Industrial Relations Board and the Administrative Labour Tribunal.

He is experienced in administrative law, judicial review, injunctions, and contempt to court, as well as damage claims concerning unionized, social, political, and cultural associations. Throughout his career, he has pleaded in front of almost every Quebec and Federal Tribunals.

In labour law, Mr. Sciortino has solid experience in the industrial, public, and communications sectors.

He has represented young Vietnamese students who arrived in Canada during the war and were later considered to be agents of a foreign power, as well as Salvadorian journalist Victor Regalado, presumed by the Canadian government of being a threat to the security of the state and the Canadian public. The latter case was pleaded in front of both the Supreme Court of Canada and the Civil and Political Rights Committee of the United Nations.

Mr. Sciortino also represented political prisoners during the Pinochet dictatorship, travelling to Chile on several occasions from 1975–85.

More recently, he served as one of the principal attorneys representing student associations during the general strike in 2012.  During that time, he represented Mr. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, originally found guilty of contempt of court by the Quebec  Superior Court, but acquitted by the Quebec Court of Appeal and finally by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2017.

Mr. Sciortino is a keen observer of the daily news and current events, having had articles pertaining to judicial, social, and political issues published in several of Quebec’s major newspapers.

Today, bringing his vast experience from the well-established legal firm originally founded by him in 1975, Mr. Sciortino has accepted a new challenge in becoming a part of a new legal firm, NOVUM LEGAL, composed of young, dynamic lawyers.

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Me Yves Tanguay
438-375-4714 ext 6005

With a Bachelor’s degree (2007) and a Master’s degree (2010) in law from l’Université Laval, Yves Tanguay pursued doctoral studies in constitutional law for eight years at l’Université Laval and at l’Université Paris-2 Panthéon-Assas. From 2013 to 2017, he taught constitutional law at the Faculty of Law of l’Université Laval.

Me Tanguay is also author of different publications, notably for JurisClasseur Québec, l’Association québécoise de droit constitutionnel, the UBC Law Review, les Presses de l’Université Laval and the McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Partner firms

Novum is pleased to be able to count on the expertise of:


Trivium Avocats Inc. is a multidisciplinary law firm consisting of 32 lawyers across four business locations in Rosemère, Saint-Jérôme, Laval, and Brossard. The firm represents and advises many SMEs and large companies, unions, municipalities, and individuals in various fields, all thanks to their lawyers’ diverse range of skills.


Ravenlaw is a multidisciplinary firm consisting of 17 lawyers based in Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario. The firm represents workers, nonprofits, and unions.